In 2001 a saucy revolution was born on the eclectic streets of Birmingham. Gabe Gabriel, Crucials founder and previously a caterer, found a gap in the market for great tasting sauces at an affordable price. The famous flavour Hot Stuff was the first sauce created by Crucials, cementing our place in fast food outlets as a chip shop essential. By 2005, Crucials had 11 flavours and was a back shelf staple in nationwide chip shops.

Retail Journey

As the demand for “chippy sauce at home” grew, so did the range, with additional flavours providing the perfect sauce solution for people at home. The family friendly 500ml retail range was consequently born, initially only available in the discounter stores. News travelled fast and supermarkets were soon knocking on our door. Before we knew it, Crucials was rubbing shoulders with the big boys in Iceland, Asda and Morrisons.

Where we are

We have a passionate and loyal fan base on social media, and are still supported by the catering customers that have been with us since day one. With the brand growing through improved distribution and ever-increasing sales, there are now many more places to find us and try our delicious range of sauces. We continue to banish the bland and cover the nation in great sauce. Livening up mealtimes with big, bold, lip-smacking, tongue-tingling taste - we’re here to help you Squeeze The Day.